Celebration of Mothers

To those of you who have been following my blog, I apologize for being MIA for a bit. Today seemed like a good day to go back online.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mothers and to those of you who have mothers. That pretty much covers it. Without a mother, none of us would be here. I know one day shouldn’t take the place of loving our mothers and being grateful for being a mother, but I do think it helps us to pause and reflect on the blessings we tend to take for granted on a daily basis. Mother’s Day isn’t about the gifts and the cards, but for those of us who sometimes feel taken for granted, those things help.

Nine years ago, I celebrated my first official Mother’s Day. My son was eight months old and my gift was a patio table and four chairs and a baby swing so that we could all spend more time in our backyard. The swing has been passed on and exchanged for a play set because the tree the swing hung from was a casualty of one of our summer storms. The patio table and chairs are still in use, in fact we had snacks out there this afternoon. I enjoyed relaxing and doing nothing while Matt and our first born played catch until the wind whipped up and the table umbrella almost became an airborne projectile. We managed to save the snacks and the wine glasses and took everything indoors.

Since that first Mother’s Day, I have celebrated with my three boys and each one is blessed. Often, I am served breakfast in bed and the boys work really hard to make me feel loved and the day special. It is usually more relaxing than even my birthday because too often our birthdays fall on a school/work day and We don’t get to spend the whole day with family, which is what today is really all about.

This year I got tea and toast in bed, with homemade cards and some special gifts from my cub scouts. On Friday, Henry treated me to a party at his school and a handmade plate, a pasta necklace and a paper flower both of which I wore to brunch this morning. After a lovely brunch, we picked up steaks and veggies that my husband was going to prepare for our dinner.

Matt and I spoke to both of our mothers and I also called my sister whose daughter is traveling in the UK so she won’t see her until next weekend. This is Mary’s first Mother’s Day as a widow and she seems to be feeling especially alone. I wished that I could send her a hug along the telephone line, but the boys and I tried to let her know we are thinking of her and send her our love so many miles away.

After dinner, Will and I took our nine year old lab mix on a short walk, we watched an episode of Duck Dynasty and that concluded my ninth Mother’s Day. It ended it for the children at least. Now I sit typing my blog and Matt is channel surfing to see what programs he may be missing after I downgraded our cable last week. It has been a lovely day and I do feel very blessed to be a mother, for my own mother, my mother in law and all those who have acted as a mother to me for all these years. Their numbers are many and I am ever grateful for all those women and men too who have helped to make me a better person and a better mother especially. Happy Mother’s Day to you all.