The First Month

Tomorrow marks 30 days in our new state and our new temporary house. It has been a month of challenges, changes and new beginnings. We have had our ups and our downs, but mostly ups as we tend to be a family who makes the best of things. It isn’t always easy to do and there have been many days when one or more of us wonders why we did this big move and are missing our old home and our old friends a our old life. One of the boys refers to moving day as “the saddest day of his life”. He hated seeing our things loaded onto a big truck.


A few days before we arrived, the heat in our rental wasn’t working and the heat at our home in MD wasn’t working either. Both have been fixed, luckily but those were hiccups we would have preferred to avoid.

I should have looked at directions to the rental rather than relying on Marge, my GPS. Marge thought it would be fun to take us the scenic, narrow, hilly and icy path, but my loaded van did not agree. Thankfully, we have local friends and one of them owns a big truck with a tow rope. It was also a good thing to figure out that our moving truck was not going to make it up the road. We scrambled to make plans to do a shuttle from a nearby road with a smaller truck.

It took about a week to unpack the things we needed at the house and flatten the boxes to store and save for the next move. Now we just need to find a house, but that is another story. In the meantime, I continue to rearrange, clean and try to manage the clutter.

The boys are settling in at school. All three are continuing in Spanish Immersion and we are grateful that was an option here. We are also grateful for the families that have reached out to make us feel welcome. The staff at the school has been incredibly warm and the boys are happy there when they aren’t missing their BFFs. At least once a week, one of the boys is demanding we move back. For the most part it is the two youngest.

The winter here has been colder and more snowy, but that is a plus in the boys eyes. Even Jack, our 11 year old dog loves playing in it. The boys have outdoor recess if it is above zero so they go to school bundled head to toe. We walk the 1/3 mile to the am bus, most days. Some of those days, we are ice skating down the road.


All three boys are swimming, and of course they are in different practice groups and sometimes different locations at the same time. Matt has joined in on the taxiing back and forth. His work commute has been cut in half so we see him more and most nights we have a family dinner. That is one of the big reasons for the change, to have more family time while the boys are still young.

We still have much to do and more challenges to face, but we are together and have many blessings. Everyone is healthy and we are all adjusting well to our move. We are looking forward to see what is next.



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