Week Eight – I am still running!

Day 1 – I did a lot of walking over the weekend and am going to try to keep it up in between runs soJack and I walked our four mile loop in the neighborhood. I am still avoiding the woods due to nature and all the recent rain.

Day 2 – today is a running day but I noticed right away that my pace is slower/shorter and I couldn’t run my initial distance that I had gotten up to. I ended the run pacing myself between telephone poles.

Day 3 – I was at the elementary school all day volunteering and meeting with a member of our county council, the superintendent’s staff, school officials and other parents about the ongoing mold issue. It is frustrating to all of us.

Day 4 – my oldest was up late last night because he was sick. He either has a bug or the combination of after school snacks he had did not agree with him. He is home from school but feeling better so he rode his scooter alongside while I ran. I paced myself using the telephone poles again, because that was easy to explain to Nate. He kept trying to talk to me, but it just was not possible because I breath so hard. I ran better today. I took long strides and it felt good to get out. We are heading to Virginia tonight because my kids have a three day weekend.

Day 5 – we were in the car quite a bit so I did not get any exercise. I find it challenging to be healthy when I am away from home, but I am working on that. We drove all over Central and Southwest Virginia. The mountains were amazing and the leaves are just starting to turn.

Day 6 – we went to Natural Bridge, VA today and toured a cavern and the natural bridge. We walked for about two hours and climbed many stairs. It was a lovely day with my family and the exercise was a bonus.

Day 7 – I got up before everyone and went to the hotel fitness center. I did 40 minutes on the treadmill. I did more walking at a pace of four miles per hour, but I also got a bit of running in. I don’t like the treadmill as much as running outside, but it beats the alternative of not exercising.


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