Running Week Four

Day – 1 This morning I woke up sick with full on sneezing, runny nose and body aches. I think this was the cause of my burning throat on Saturday. I took the dog for a short walk, but stayed close to home today. I plan to run tomorrow.

Day – 2 I am still not feeling great but I went for my run. I am running two to three times as much as I am walking but wonder sometimes if I will ever really be able to run the entire way. I push the negative voice down and run again. I can do this. I am a runner. I feel great. Sneeze, cough, sniffle, ache. Nate had swimming and at the last minute, I had to find a replacement babysitter for the second of three back to school nights, but I got it all done.

Day – 3 Today I have promised to help out at the elementary school and I spent three hours there in the morning and another hour in the afternoon which left a bit of time for food shopping and little else. Will had swimming and all three boys had piano. Matt is in NYC for work for the week and I am still bone tired.

Day – 4 I planned to run again, but that was foiled when Henry woke up with a croupy cough. After dropping the older two at school, we went to the pediatrician’s. He wasn’t wheezing and his ears and throat were clear so as long as his cough is better and he doesn’t have a fever he can go to school tomorrow. By the end of the day he’s was running circles around me and I was the only one who slept during our nap. Nate had swimming after school, so the other two scootered around the pond and I got a 1.5 mile walk in and then we headed to the playground to enjoy the lovely fall afternoon.

Day – 5 Henry was well enough to return to school so I was able to accomplish some chores around the house and go out for my run. I am able to run for longer periods but that seed of doubt always picks at me and questions why I am running and if I really can do it. I push it back and tell myself. I am a runner. I can do this. Again and again. Running. Walking. Running. Walking. For Two point two five miles.

Day – 6 Saturday. I got to sleep in a little and had a leisurely morning. I am feeling better but wonder how I will get my third run in this week. My friend is visiting from NY, the boys have Faith Formation on Sunday, we have dinner group tonight, Nate has early swimming tomorrow and there is church. Somehow I will get it done. I promise.

Day – 7 Last night was a very restless night. Matt was snoring quite a bit and I tossed and turned and woke quite a bit from the rich food and drink at dinner group. The alarm went off just after seven and I roused to get Nate ready for swimming. After he was picked up, I got ready for my run. I started out running 2 to 3 blocks and then walking a block. Will I ever be able to run a mile, that little voice asks. Yes I will, I insist and run again. When I am forced to walk, the little voice mocks me so I shut it up by running. I stretch my legs and force myself to take slow deep breaths through my nose. As I release the breaths, I tell myself I can do this. When I get home I am breathing hard and sweating hard. I did it. I ran three times this week and I will keep on running. My body will prove to my mind that it is possible. I have done this for four weeks and I can’t imagine not running at least three times every week.


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