Running Week 2

Week TWO
Day 1 – I really did not feel like a run today but I forced myself to get dressed and go. I stretched and then ran/walked my 2.25 miles at a pace of 13.29 minutes a mile. I was slightly slower than my last run, but my endurance seems to be increasing. It was very hot out and I was dripping by the time I got home.

Day 2 – After getting the boys off to school I came home and took the dog for a four mile walk in the neighborhood. At least I think it was about four miles. The Endomondo app stopped recording the miles for the last part, but kept track of time. My pace was about 18.5 minute miles. I enjoy the long leisurely walks as they really help get the kinks out of body and mind and also stretch my legs. I also stretched and used the foam roller.

Today, two of my boys tried out for a winter swim team. I was proud of them for their effort and look forward to their progress if not the schedule juggling.

Day 3 and Day 4 – my legs have been pretty sore and I don’t want to injure myself so I spent quite a bit of time stretching these two days. We visited friends with a pool so I even stretched in the water. I did a little walking too but no major runs or walks.

Day 5 – I was back to running again today. I did the 2.25 mile loop with a pace of 13.3 minutes per mile average. Today I changed things up a little and alternated running and walking between the electric poles. I was able to keep that up the entire time except for the hilliest part.

After my run, I stretched and cooled down by taking the dog for a 2.5 mile hike.

Day 6 – I stretched today but took the day off from walking or running. This week my legs hurt more on off days and I want to make sure I have enough recovery time.

Day 7 – I really did not want to get up and run today, but I somehow knew that if I didn’t, it would become so easy to quit altogether. So I got up, stretched and headed out. My phone battery was low so I ran without keeping track of my pace and mileage. I alternated running and walking between the electric poles again and this time kept it up for the entire 2.25 miles.

At the end of the week, I did manage to get three runs in and I feel stronger. I still have a long way to go, but I am seeing progress in my running and am encouraged by it.


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