Time to Stop Procrastinating TODAY

I am a procrastinator. I don’t like admitting it, but it affects everything that I do everyday. I make lists and don’t always get everything done on it, but I am so proud when I can cross things off. Today I heard that you should never put anything on your list that you aren’t going to do. When you don’t finish things on your list, you fail to keep your promise to yourself. Over time, you begin to believe that it is ok not to complete your to do list and you fail to get things done. It becomes easy to break your promises to yourself and ultimately others. You should only put things on your list that you promise to get completed.

This year I have decided that it is time to stop procrastinating. It is time to reach the dreams I have and am even afraid to dream. Another gem I heard today is that procrastination is a strategy that allows you to produce a subpar product. If you put things off until the last minute and the result isn’t perfect, it becomes easy to justify because you threw it together at the last minute. If you work really hard on something and the result is less than perfect, that is somehow a reflection on you.

I believe I am a procrastinator to avoid failure, but it really just makes me a failure. This home truth has given me a crisis of confidence today and I really don’t like the feeling. It is not that I have not been working hard all these years, because I do every day. I think that some of the things I am “busy” with are just ways to distract me the bigger picture and allow me to keep up my bad habits.

On those occasions when I don’t procrastinate, I am able to accomplish so much more and the feeling is very fulfilling. Getting things done in a timely manner make the relaxation so much sweeter. I am making a promise to myself that I will only commit to those things that I will actually accomplish. Establishing a new habit takes time and routines and even though it isn’t New Year’s, I am resolving to adopt new healthier habits for my life.



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