Time Management

I have been putting off writing my first blog entry because I can’t seem to find the time. Well, at least that is what I have been telling myself. Is it true? It is partially true. I can’t seem to find the perfect moment when I will be uninterrupted for 30 minutes and when I have the computer to myself to whip up something poetic or prophetic or really just something that I won’t be embarrassed to have someone else read. I have to face facts. I am the mother to three young boys and wife to one grown man, those 30 minutes are rare and I usually use them to sleep or shower.

I seem to be able to find a few minutes a day to play my 20 or so games of Words With Friends or Scrabble using my iPad, smart phone or computer depending on who has my various other devices. So I should be able to find the same amount of time in the same way to jot down my thoughts on what seems to be uppermost in my mind. For today it is writing. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to write. And while I may not be a famous author, I have been a writer. I wrote poems, stories, newspaper articles, letters, journal entries, emails, notes, Facebook rants and messages and basically anything. I even met one of my closest friends when I signed up for a writing course. I am and always will be a writer. I may not be the greatest writer or all time, but that is ok. Writing is my passion and it feeds my soul. I need to do more of it. I will do more of it.

Something else that feeds my soul is bicycle riding. I remember my first two wheeler with training wheels and the sad day someone (my mom?) backed over it because I left it in the driveway. I remember the banana seat bike after that and flying down the hill near our house and later picking gravel out of my knees. I remember the first red Schwinn ten speed that I earned with my Des Moines Register paper route. I remember the first accident shortly afterwards when my brother Bob and I collided while riding around the high school track. The thee bicycles after that were second hand, but I loved them just the same. A sweet green English three speed that I rode back and forth to my job teaching kindergarten. I once rode it through the city of Philadelphia dressed as a clown. It was a sad day, when that bike was stolen from inside my work. The next two bikes where Specialized mountain bikes. First a purple rock hopper and then a green stump jumper. Never mind that I didn’t go mountain biking. But, I did ride those bikes in Philadelphia in the snow and ice. In fact the purple one was the bike I rode in January 1996 right after a major blizzard on my first day as a bike messenger.

I also rode two bikes in the heat of Arizona to commute to my various jobs. The first bike was my sister Julie’s and the second was a free bike from the city of Scottsdale as part of a bike to work initiative. My current bike is my blue Trek 7.3 FX that I am currently riding on my trainer. I am a mom and I found the time, but it involves multitasking. For me it is the perfect solution. I am exercising my body and mind as well as feeding my soul.



5 thoughts on “Time Management

  1. Welcome to the blogasphere. I think finding time to write is a problem shared by many. Whenever you can spare a few minutes keep at it. I find blogging a great way to get into a routine, draft a new post or visit some other blogs.

    Happy blogging 🙂

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